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Posted: Jul 27, 2018

The Montreal Gateway Terminals Partnership (MGT) recently issued a notice to industry partners, notifying them of extended truck gate operating hours and an associated flat fee of $35 per laden container, which will take effect September 17, 2018. This charge... Read more >

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Posted: Aug 24, 2015

Health Canada is seeking input and comments on the launch of the Regulatory Transparency and Openness Framework (RTOF). This program will enable Health Canada to continue to provide information available on health and safety.  Recently announced by the Health Minister,... Read more >

Posted: Aug 24, 2015

  The Government of Canada issued a notice under section 71 of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 (CEPA 1999) in the Canada Gazette, Part 1, July 25, 2015, to gather information to support risk assessment and risk management activities.... Read more >

Posted: Aug 12, 2015

The Government of Canada is seeking feedback on proposed changes to food labeling pertaining to nutrition facts table, serving size, list of ingredients and sugar details. The proposed labelling changes aim to make it easier for Canadians to read labels... Read more >

Posted: Aug 12, 2015

Effective August 11, 2015, a phytosanitary certificate is required for the exports of plant and plant products to the European Union (EU) from areas where the Asian longhorned beetle (ALHB) is known to be present. The directive applies to the... Read more >

Posted: Aug 11, 2015

Canada recently announced the conclusion of the Canada-Ukraine Free Trade Agreement (CUFTA).The free trade agreement announcement represents an important milestone in the Canada–Ukraine bilateral relationship. Here are some key highlights of the CUFTA: Upon entry into force of the Agreement,... Read more >

Posted: Aug 6, 2015

The Firearms Marking Regulations, which were set to come into force on December 1, 2015, have been delayed. An amendment announced in the Canada Gazette SOR/2015-195 defers the coming into force date of the Firearms Marking Regulations for 18 months... Read more >

Posted: Aug 6, 2015

  The Government of Canada recently announced Canada’s ratification of the World Wine Trade Group (WWTG) Agreement on Requirements for Wine Labelling. The agreement was signed by WWTG participants, which include Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, Georgia, New Zealand, South Africa... Read more >

Posted: Aug 5, 2015

Health Canada is amending the Medical Devices Regulations for non-corrective or ‘cosmetic’ contact lenses to fall under Class II medical devices. Cosmetic contact lenses (also called decorative lenses) are used to change the colour or appearance of the eyes. These... Read more >

Posted: Jul 29, 2015

The negotiation of a plurilateral Environmental Goods Agreement (EGA) among a group of World Trade Organization (WTO) members was launched on July 8, 2014, with the objective of achieving global free trade in environmental goods. The current participants in this... Read more >

Posted: Jul 23, 2015

On July 21, 2015, Canada and Israel concluded negotiations toward an expanded and modernized Canada-Israel Free Trade Agreement (CIFTA). The modernized CIFTA adds seven new chapters and improves four existing chapters to bring this agreement up to 21st century standards,... Read more >