Trade News

Posted: Jun 29, 2018

On November 27, 2017, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency published a final rule containing proposed amendments to CBP regulations regarding the in-bond process. These amendments are going into effect soon, and they’ll have a considerable impact on the... Read more >

Most Recent News

Posted: May 30, 2018

On May 18, 2018, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) announced that it had launched an investigation under the Special Import Measures Act (SIMA) respecting the alleged injurious dumping and subsidizing of certain Sucker Rods originating in or exported from... Read more >

Posted: May 30, 2018

CBSA has published Customs Notice CN 18-05 on the implementation of Tobacco and Vaping Products Act (TPVA) which has received Royal Assent and came into force on May 23, 2018. “Vaping products” (formerly known as e-cigarettes and electronic nicotine delivery... Read more >

Posted: May 29, 2018

The unions representing workers at Canadian Pacific (CP), one of Canada’s largest railway network, have served CP with a strike notice set to commence at 22:00, Tuesday, May 29, 2018. Should the parties fail to resolve the current impasse in... Read more >

Posted: May 28, 2018

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has updated the Industry Labelling Tool (ILT) to reflect the December 14, 2016 amendments to the”Food and Drug Regulations” (FDR) related to nutrition labelling, list of ingredients and food colour requirements. A Notice has... Read more >

Posted: May 25, 2018

Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) recently published new D-Memorandum D19-7-4 to reflect requirements for the importation of vehicles, engines, vessels and machines, as outlined in the Canadian Environmental Protection Act 1999 and its regulations. The CBSA assists Environment and Climate... Read more >

Posted: May 24, 2018

The Section 232 Presidential Proclamations 9704 and 9705 issued to protect United States’ national security on March 8, 2018 imposed steel and aluminum duties that came into effect on March 23, 2018. An extensive list of steel and aluminum articles... Read more >

Posted: May 23, 2018

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has issued a notice to industry to advise that they have implemented regulatory changes that require information related to health and safety on labels of veterinary biologics and seed treated with pest control products.... Read more >

Posted: May 21, 2018

CBSA Memorandum D20-1-1 outlines the procedures for reporting goods that are exported from Canada. Goods being exported from Canada are required by law, under Part V sections 95 to 97.2 of the Act, to be reported to the Government of... Read more >

Posted: May 21, 2018

Canada Border Services Agency has recently issued on May 11, 2018 Customs Notice 18-04. This notice replaces Customs Notice 17-22 and provides a provision to the interim process to address a specific scenario for single shipments (back to back) destined... Read more >

Posted: May 16, 2018

The Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) announced the 2018 fees they will charge for voluntary grading, inspection, certification, auditing, and laboratory services for agricultural commodities including meat and poultry, eggs, fruit and vegetables, dairy products, cotton and tobacco. This year most... Read more >