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Seven questions to ask a customs broker (infographic)


How do you find a customs broker that’s right for you? Every broker essentially does the same thing – facilitates the clearance of your goods as they travel across the border – but every broker is different. Big and small, national or regional, different customs brokers have differing strengths and weaknesses. Determining which one is… Read more »

Retail: Supply chain efficiency (Case study)


With more than 100,000 SKUs of art supplies, craft products and seasonal goods being imported from around the world, this retailer turned to Livingston for help in improving their automation efforts. After all, with that much product on the move, manual processes weren’t getting the job done. Learn Livingston helped the client establish a data… Read more »

Manufacturing: Importing processes (Case study)


A leading supplier of natural stone for commercial projects around the globe – including major hotels, casinos, embassies and large corporations – ran into supply chain issues during a large tower construction project. Due to the scope of the project, the company’s internal resources weren’t sufficient when it came to managing the complexities of moving… Read more »

Automotive: Compliance and trade software solutions (Case study)


When this supplier of brakes and steering systems needed to find a way to drive even more efficiency through its supply chain, it turned to Livingston for help. Livingston’s Insight software solutions were the ideal fit for helping this company gain visibility into their supply chain operations and reduce paperwork. Learn how Livingston help this… Read more »

Why automate your global trade management?


How much is managing your trade operations costing your business? If you’re relying on manual processes, you’re not only looking at inefficiencies and extra cost overhead, but the threat of manual error – and that can cost your business even more in the form of penalties, shipment delays and damage to your reputation. Investing in automation… Read more »

Maximize your IMMEX advantage


Mexico’s IMMEX program allows businesses to temporarily import goods into Mexico, transform or manufacture them into a different or complete product, and then re-export them. Traditionally, taxes and duties did not apply to these items. But recent changes have made the process more complex. VAT taxes have increased and companies must receive certification from Mexican… Read more »

U.S.-Mexico border management


Are you ready to grow your business beyond your traditional borders? Looking to Mexico is a great place to start, but the U.S.-Mexican border has long been a pain point for North American importers and exporters. In fact, even for companies in Mexico looking to ship to the U.S. or Canada, the process of getting… Read more »

The Southern border advantage


The U.S.-Mexico border presents a unique set of challenges for companies used to moving good across the U.S.-Canada border. In fact, it can have an entirely different process from all your other imports and exports – and processes and requirements can change drastically from port to port. Are you and your team up to speed… Read more »

Maximize your duty savings by taking advantage of First Sale and classification


Are you taking advantage of the First Sale Rule and accurately classifying your imports?

ISA case study: The Container Store

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The Container Store was looking to get Importer Self Assessment (ISA)-certified, but ran into a roadblock from CBP. Learn how Livingston helped the retailer achieve ISA status.