Take a Positive Approach


Just as we promised with our inaugural launch of Global Trade News, we continue to endeavor to provide insight into the global trade environment, and to offer solutions that simplify the complexities of trade to help you SUCCEED!

The global trade environment is complex. However, we’re here to provide our expertise to help you navigate the myriad of regulatory changes. And, with regulatory change there also come opportunities. I am a firm believer that challenges often encourage companies to “think outside of the box” and turn those challenges into opportunities. I see this first-hand on a regular basis. As Livingston’s global footprint continues to grow, we too are constantly adapting to the changing landscape of trade.

And you? Are you ready to take on the global trade arena and all of the opportunities it has to offer?

As we enter the last quarter of 2016 and the holiday season, we wish you continued success – both at home, and abroad.

Candace Sider
Vice President, Regulatory Affairs Canada

Travis Hull
Director, U.S. Regulatory Affairs

Susan Pomerantz
Senior Director, Global Governance and Compliance