EManifest updates – August 2017

Several notices and updates on eManifest requirements were recently published on Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) website

Customs Notice 17-20, Deconsolidation Notice – Paper options for Warehouse / Terminal Operators and Freight Forwarders
Provides information for freight forwarders, warehouse operators and terminal operators regarding the deconsolidation notice and the process by which warehouse operators may release goods from the warehouse to the freight forwarder.

Customs Notice 17-22 Interim Process for Electronic House Bills
Information and requirements for electronic house bills during the interim voluntary period

Customs Notice 17-19 System Outages, Interim Measures and Issuance of ACI Penalties to Highway Carriers
Interim measure that should further assist highway carriers in complying with the ACI requirements and provide an opportunity to take corrective action. The evaluation period will end at midnight August 26, 2017.

Customs Notice 17-15 Changes to the Implementation Timeline for Electronic House Bills
Timeline for freight forwarders to electronically transmit advance house bill data on consolidated freight to the CBSA within the prescribed mode-specific time frames.

Electronic House bill Client Support
As you are aware, regulatory amendments published in the Canada Gazette, Part II, made eManifest requirements legally binding and a voluntary compliance period is in effect for freight forwarders to transmit advance electronic house bill (ehouse bill) data on consolidated freight.

CBSA is now offering an ehouse bill client support service to assist freight forwarders and facilitate their shipments into Canada.

Freight forwarders can use this service to ask ehouse bill questions, resolve related operational issues, and learn about freight forwarder requirements. Additionally, this service will support border services officers processing ehouse bills.

Electronic house bill client support is available by telephone by region on the eManifest Regional Client Support webpage.