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The Basics: Importing to Mexico

The Basics: Importing to Mexico

Webinar Description:

Many companies have turned to Mexico for components and materials, for new customers and supply chain partners. It’s a country full of opportunity for businesses big and small. But the rules for importing (and exporting) are different. You need to be prepared to adjust your processes to maintain compliance with Mexican customs regulations.

The import process in Mexico, called entry filing or import pedimento, involves: documentation review, document preparation, revision of goods in most of the cases (previo), research of regulatory requirements, electronic data transmission, and payment of duties and taxes.

Attend this webinar to gain knowledge and insight into the complexities of importing to Mexico. Learn about the key considerations when shipping, storing, and clearing goods into Mexico.

Topics covered in this webinar include:

  • Mexican import process
  • Duty planning and management
  • Non-tariff regulations
  • Valuation
  • Key challenges and complexities


Who Should Attend?

Importers and exporters who are currently conducting business in Mexico, and businesses that are planning on entering the Mexican market.

Date: March 22, 2017
Start time: 1:00 EDT
Estimated length: 1.5 hours with Q&A

Our expert speakers

Joining José Suarez for our Q&A period will be Guest Panelists: Rody Camacho, Director, and Fabián Piña, Trade Consultant from Livingston International’s Global Trade Management Group.

JW-presenter-photoJosé Suarez

Global Account Director

Over 20 years’ experience of working with global organizations has given José significant expertise in Performance Improvement and Corporate Strategy. He demonstrates an extensive knowledge of Supply Chain Management, Enterprise Resources Planning and Compliance. His experience includes roles as Consulting Partner with KPMG and Value Engineering Director at SAP.


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