Insight Docs

Create customs clearance documents for your shipments into the United States and Canada. Our secure, simple web-based tool makes it easy.

Getting the paperwork wrong can lead to costly delays in getting your products into the country, and simple mistakes or omissions on those documents can create problems.

Insight Docs can help.

Insight Docs allows importers (or their foreign suppliers) to easily prepare, transmit and manage shipping documentation. When documents are saved as complete they are automatically transmitted to Livingston via Insight e-Link and passed through rules-based validations and corrections to increase accuracy of shipment documentation.

Create and manage customs clearance documents

Insight Docs lets you create your shipping documents and share them online with coworkers in other locations. You simply log on to Insight Docs to access your database of products, consignees and document templates. What can often take minutes or hours to do manually now takes seconds to do electronically.

How you’ll benefit

Improve compliance. Insight Docs has built-in compliance features that alert you to missing or potentially incorrect customs information – before transmission to Customs.

Save time. Template and product database features allow you to quickly produce accurate customs documents. You can reduce manual errors and save time by reusing templates for common shipments.

Streamline your processes. Easily import or export your product data to or from Insight Docs to save time, improve document accuracy and maintain process consistency.