Livingston’s Self Clearance Importer Solutions

Better control, cost savings and enhanced customs compliance. That’s what the self-clearance option can mean for importers.
As a self-clearance importer, your company knows the value and importance of the customs clearance process. By managing that process yourself, you can reduce your risks and control your costs.

Get your business ready for self-filing

Bringing customs operations in-house means you have some decisions to make about your processes. Choosing the right systems and support infrastructure is critical when becoming a self-filing importer; you need to have the tools in place – including contingency options – to ensure your shipments keep moving even if you or your staff is unavailable.
Technology automation can help ensure a smooth, seamless transition to customs self-filing.

Livingston has the software to meet your self-filing needs

Available for the U.S. and Canada, this powerful software gives you full control over your imports data entry filing. In other words, My Livingston allows you to do everything that our client service teams can do on our own internal operating systems.

How you’ll benefit

Streamlined processes. Our self-clearance solution is specifically designed to save you time, increase your compliance and improve your bottom line.

You’ll be using one of North America’s most widely-used customs clearance solutions, and you’ll have access to the resources of one of North America’s largest customs brokers.

Resource safety-net. With just a phone call, Livingston’s customs brokerage experts can act as your resource safety-net and take on any or all of your work for you.

No capital outlay. A pay–per-use solution so no additional IT resources and capital outlays are needed.

Fill in your gaps. Leverage our trade consulting professionals to help you establish and maintain trade compliance programs, meet audit requirements, recover duties and taxes, and manage border security.