Canadian importers have the option of self-clearing their goods that come in to the country. The self-clearance option can mean better control over your shipments and enhanced customs compliance.

Getting your business ready for self-filing

Bringing customs operations in-house means you have some decisions to make about your processes. After all, choosing the right systems and support infrastructure is critical when becoming a self-filing importer; you need to have the tools in place – including contingency options – to ensure your shipments keep moving even if you or your staff is unavailable.

Technology automation can help ensure a smooth, seamless transition to customs self-filing.

Livingston has the software to meet your self-filing needs

Livingston’s Insight® Partner system gives your company access to your customs and trade data anywhere, anytime through any PC with internet access. Easy to use with a powerful set of tools, Insight Partner is the same system Livingston uses internally with our clients.

Insight Partner delivers the following to help make your self-filing efforts as smooth as possible:

  • Full functionality, including ACROSS, CLVS, B3 and B2 creation, and a complete CSA module.
  • Releases and entries transmitted via Livingston’s CADEX and ACROSS lines.
    Flexible reporting tools to access work in progress, releases, shipment status and your company’s K84 statement.
  • Enhanced compliance management tools and search capability through Insight Compliance Center Canada and Insight Imaging.

The perfect partner for smooth, seamless customs clearance

In addition to our technology, you can rely on Livingston’s customs and trade experts should you have any questions or concerns about self-clearance. We’re here to help and we can act as your safety net. At your request, Livingston can step in at any time and perform any additional work on your behalf.