Value-added tax in Mexico – what your business needs to know

  • DateJune 20, 2019
  • Time1:00 PM EDT
  • Duration1 hour
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About this Webinar

Mexican VAT is governed by the Value-Added Tax Act, referred to as Impuesto al valor agregado (IVA). IVA is Mexico’s main indirect tax, and is administered by the Ministry of Public Finance and Credit.

In this webinar, our trade experts will provide an overview of Mexican VAT and an in-depth analysis of VAT payment obligations, and will also explain the correct management of Annex 31, applicable provisions and solutions relevant to business import operations.

Attend this webinar to learn more about:

  • VAT merchandise exemptions
  • VAT calculation
  • VAT certification obligations
  • Annex 31

Who Should Attend?

Mexican businesses and foreign companies with permanent establishment that supply taxable services or goods in Mexico, and importers/exporters interested in learning more about Mexico’s import VAT registration requirements.

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Our experts

Fabián Piña: International Trade Consultant

Fabián Piña started working at Livingston International in February 2015 as an international trade consultant. He has extensive knowledge of the Mexican regulations that govern commercial activity, and of the customs regulatory framework. Specifically, he has experience in import and export management, tariff classification, which is in compliance with the Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS), as well as Incoterms® rules and the IMMEX Program.

Among Fabián's recent projects are the reconstruction of IMMEX Annex 24, the inventory and reconstruction of fixed assets, minimizing taxes, and various evaluations of imports and exports.

Before working at Livingston International, Fabián coordinated the International Trade Department at Magna Interiors Toluca.

Judith Álvarez : Senior Consultant, Mexico and Latin America

As the senior consultant for Mexico and Latin America, Judith Álvarez is responsible for the administration of import/export operations, as well as carrying out evaluations of customs compliance. Her primary area of experience is the administration of imports and exports in Mexico. She also has extensive knowledge of the regulations applicable to IMMEX companies, certifications, determining the origin of different free trade agreements, analyzing the minimization of taxes, and classifying tariffs. As part of her daily work, she manages international trade consulting services for key clients, and she is also responsible for analyzing applicable new regulations that govern import and export operations for Mexico, the United States, and Brazil.

Judith has been working at Livingston since 2014. She has 15 years of experience in assigning tariff classification, qualifying origins for NAFTA and other free trade agreements, cost strategies of international trade, customs operations in Mexico, and knowledge of the customs laws in the United States.

Judith has a degree in international business from Universidad del Valle, Mexico and a Master's degree in International Logistics from Universidad Iberoamericana Tijuana.

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