United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement Update

  • DateMarch 10, 2020
  • Time1:00 PM ET
  • Duration1 hour
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About this Webinar

This webinar is designed to discuss the recently signed United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) and its potential impact on the trade community. Our experts will provide you with an update on the revised trade deal and will illustrate contrasts between NAFTA and the renegotiated agreement to prepare for the new requirements.

Covered in this webinar:

  • An overview of the USMCA
  • Timing involved for ratification and entry into force by the parties
  • Differences between USMCA and NAFTA
  • Rules of Origin distinctions
  • Areas of interest which may be impacted by these changes

Who Should Attend?

Importers and Non-Resident Importers from the United States, Mexico and Canada, including import compliance and management level positions from automotive, textile or apparel, and other industrial products.

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Our experts

Anthony M. Troia: Senior Consultant, Global Trade Consulting

As a Senior Customs and Trade Advisor, Anthony is actively engaged in a wide variety of U.S. import and export compliance projects on behalf of Livingston International clients. He reviews their business models and practices to help determine areas of risk, while offering compliance, risk management, penalty mitigation, duty saving and supply-chain efficiency solutions.

Although serving in a consulting capacity with Livingston clients, Anthony’s background includes his experience as an attorney specializing in Customs and International Trade matters for over a decade and is admitted to practice before the United States Court of International Trade, United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit as well as the United States Supreme Court. He has additionally been a licensed U.S. customs broker since 1987 and is a former president of the Detroit Customs Brokers and Forwarders Association. He continues to remain active in various industry and trade associations as well as continuing to write and publish trade related articles.

Joumana Bteich: Senior Customs & Trade Advisor

As Senior Customs & Trade Advisor, Joumana works with global clients to help them mitigate risk and implement new processes for achieving Customs compliance.

Joumana has over 26 years of experience and her expertise includes Safe Food for Canadians Regulations, Free Trade Agreements certification and validation; compliance program reviews; tariff classification determination; import and export controls; voluntary disclosures; developing customs compliance procedures; Customs Self Assessment (CSA) reviews and implementation; appeals and duty recovery.

Joumana is bilingual in English and French, and holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration, and the CCLP (CITT Certification of Logistics Professionals) designation from the Canadian Institute of Traffic and Transportation (CITT). She completed the Guelph Food Academy Food Safety Program with the University of Guelph (Feb-Jul 2016) and is enrolled in the CTCS (Certified Trade Compliance Specialist) program with the Canadian Society of Customs Brokers.

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