Surviving A CBSA Customs Audit (Canada)

  • DateApril 20, 2021
  • Time1:00 PM EDT
  • Duration1 hour
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About this Webinar

After a temporary pause due to the Coronavirus outbreak of 2020, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) is re-focused on audits in 2021. The CBSA is increasing the number of audits they conduct and the use of penalties. Smaller, more targeted and single program audits have been introduced, in addition to the full and comprehensive audit process. This webinar will explore steps you can take to help your company prepare for a Customs audit. Learn about the documentation auditors look for and understand the penalties and consequences of not staying compliant.

What’s covered in this webinar?

  • The importance of compliance verification
  • CBSA’s audit process and priorities
  • The different types of audits
  • Implications of an audit
  • Getting prepared for an audit

Customs compliance is an integral part of keeping counties safe, borders open, and industries protected. The Canada Border Services Agency enforces these laws and regulations in order to ensure compliance with applicable import and export laws, minimize risk, and maintain security.

Attend this webinar to learn why compliance verification is important, how to prepare for an audit, what penalties and consequences you may face if found non-compliant, and more.

Who Should Attend?

Individuals and companies importing goods and services to, and exporting from, Canada looking to implement best practices throughout their trade and supply chain. Specifically, Canadian importers who have been contacted by CBSA to expect an audit.

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Our experts

Joanne Leggett: Senior Customs and Trade Adviser

As Senior Customs and Trade Adviser, Joanne provides customs compliance-related expertise to clients in a variety of projects such as USMCA/CUSMA certification and validation, HS classification determination, voluntary disclosures, blanket adjustment claims and post entry review.

Joanne conducts program compliance reviews to determine levels of compliance with classification, valuation, origin and record keeping requirements. She develops customs compliance procedure manuals and is responsible for providing technical support in the areas of research, case preparation, and project completion to industry professionals and senior management.

Joanne’s expertise includes free trade agreements, duty recovery analysis and import/export processes. She specializes in providing customized solutions that allow companies to manage their trade-related business and minimize their financial risk from non-compliance.

She holds her Professional Customs Brokers license and CCS designation and has lectured on free trade and customs compliance throughout North America.

Shannon Baxter: Global Trade Consultant - Western Canada Region

As a consultant, Shannon Baxter is focused on helping clients minimize customs risk and maintain customs compliance in their global trade activities. Shannon is based in Calgary, Alberta (Canada).

Shannon has 23 years of experience in the Customs and Trade Compliance space and joined Livingston in October 2020 with a strong and varied compliance background. Shannon spent her first sixteen years of her career with Canada Border Services Agency in progressively senior positions. Starting as a uniformed officer at various ports in Alberta, moving inland to the Calgary Airport and Commercial Office, and through her last three years with the agency, where she was a Senior Officer Trade Compliance (“SOTC”) based in Calgary.

She moved over to the importer side and spent over five years working in the customs and trade compliance group of a leading North American energy infrastructure company. While in this role, Shannon participated in lengthy industry association consultations with USCBP and the COAC to develop process solutions for the energy industry, as well as with CBSA to achieve the same. Most recently, she worked with one of the Big 4 firms as Senior Manager Global Trade in Calgary.

Shannon brings to the table significant experience in the internal workings of CBSA as well as with Other Government Department requirements, Acts of Parliament, indirect tax, and compliance in other global jurisdictions. She is an experienced speaker, demystifying complex customs subjects for the audience.

She has gained a broad perspective through her unique combination of agency and industry experience that shows in her encompassing, solution-oriented approach to customs and trade compliance challenges.

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