Mexico’s Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) program: Benefits and member responsibilities [ENGLISH]

  • DateAugust 15, 2019
  • Time1:00 PM EDT
  • Duration1 hour
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About this Webinar

Mexico’s Authorized Economic Operator program, Operadores Económicos Autorizados (OEA) in Spanish, is designed to make border processes more efficient for pre-approved businesses recognized as low risk. Membership in an AEO program also facilitates trade for importers, exporters, and carriers.

Attend this webinar for an overview of Mexico’s AEO program. Topics covered in this webinar include:

  • Objectives and benefits of the AEO program
  • Application requirements
  • Impact on foreign trade for non-AEO members

Who Should Attend?

Import and export coordinators, managers or directors. CEOs interested facilitating their customs operations.

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Our experts

Christian González: Research Consultant

Christian González is a Research Consultant within Global Trade Consulting at Livingston International, responsible for the consulting process for the “OEA/AEO” and C-TPAT security chain certifications; assessments and international trade compliance analysis and implementation of solutions in client organizations. He is also accountable for the analysis of new regulations applicable to import export operations for Mexico, U.S and Brazil.

Christian has particular expertise in HTS Classification, NAFTA and other free trade agreements, supply chain risk analysis and Mexican customs operations, and he specializes in OEA/AEO certification programs, and the development and implementation of strategies to adapt any supply chain to the OEA/AEO certification requirements.

Christian holds an International Trade Bachelor Degree from Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Hidalgo.

Judith Álvarez: Senior Consultant for Mexico and Latin America

As the senior consultant for Mexico and Latin America, Judith Álvarez is responsible for the administration of import/export operations, as well as carrying out evaluations of customs compliance. Her primary area of experience is the administration of imports and exports in Mexico. She also has extensive knowledge of the regulations applicable to IMMEX companies, certifications, determining the origin of different free trade agreements, analyzing the minimization of taxes, and classifying tariffs. As part of her daily work, she manages international trade consulting services for key clients, and she is also responsible for analyzing applicable new regulations that govern import and export operations for Mexico, the United States, and Brazil.

Judith has been working at Livingston since 2014. She has 15 years of experience in assigning tariff classification, qualifying origins for NAFTA and other free trade agreements, cost strategies of international trade, customs operations in Mexico, and knowledge of the customs laws in the United States.

Judith has a degree in international business from Universidad del Valle, Mexico and a Master's degree in International Logistics from Universidad Iberoamericana Tijuana.

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