Maximize Your NAFTA Savings

Importers across the continent leverage the North American Free Trade Agreement to reduce costs and improve supply chain efficiency. Are you taking advantage? Learn how to get started.

Maximize your NAFTA advantage

Applying for NAFTA tariff treatments has its benefits. When applied correctly, NAFTA can lead to significant cost savings from reduced duties, increased supply chain efficiency and more.

But NAFTA management is not without its challenges. From understanding country of origin rules and sourcing valid certificates to filling out your documentation correctly, there are a number of challenges and potential roadblocks along the way.

Understanding NAFTA 101

Learning the basics is critical to establishing and maintaining an effective NAFTA management process. In our Customs Professional’s Toolkit: NAFTA Basics, we give you the insight you need to get started with NAFTA. Learn your obligations. Understand your eligibility. Learn how to correctly file your documentation. And more.

Get on the road to effective, compliant NAFTA management. Download the toolkit today!