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NAFTA Risk and Compliance

Part 1: 14 minutes | Part 2: 18 minutes

Join us for this special 2-part overview of the ins and outs of NAFTA compliance!

  • Part 1: In “NAFTA Overview and Rules of Origin Preference Criteria,” we’ll cover the history of NAFTA and what it means to importers, and we’ll discuss using NAFTA Rules of Origin and the various preference criteria needed to properly qualify your goods.
  • Part 2: In “Importer and Exporter Obligations and Consequences of Non-Compliance,” we’ll go through who’s responsible for what when using NAFTA, and talk about what can happen should your NAFTA program be found not compliant. Potential consequences include a Customs audit or the imposition of penalties and sanctions.

Both sessions are great for importers and exporters across North America looking to learn more about NAFTA and their responsibilities when qualifying their goods.

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