Wendy Archambault

Wendy Archambault
President, North American Brokerage and Client Service

As president of North American Brokerage and Client Service, Wendy expands on her previous role of senior vice president, Canadian Brokerage Services. She works closely with the executive team to consistently refine and execute operational strategies with an eye to optimizing the client experience for Livingston’s 30,000 clients.

Throughout her career, Wendy has spearheaded numerous process-improvement initiatives, using her natural people skills to help improve client experiences, client retention, employee engagement and overall business profitability.

Wendy has been with Livingston since 1980, holding numerous progressive positions, including Director, Client Services where she responsible for both the Canadian brokerage and international freight forwarding operations in western Canada.

Wendy is a licensed Canadian customs broker and has obtained the CIFFA (Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association) professional freight forwarder designation. She serves as Livingston’s official Qualified Officer with Canada Border Services Agency and is a member of the Canadian Society of Customs Brokers and Importer/Exporter Canada.