Tom Cronin

Tom Cronin
Chief Executive Officer

Tim Cronin

As chief executive officer, Tom is responsible for Livingston’s overall strategy and performance and inspiring its 3,200 people to provide the industry-leading service its 30,000 customers around the world have come to expect.

Tom works closely with the leadership team to ensure the company continues to innovate and grow, meeting new industry challenges and developing solutions businesses need. His emphasis is on advancing technological capabilities to better service clients and position Livingston as the supplier of choice well into the future.

Tom came to Livingston in 2017 as Chief Financial Officer, bringing with him 25 years of corporate management and global experience. This included his role of Executive Vice President, Corporate Operations and CFO at a large financial services company and as CFO of Canada’s largest medical laboratory business.

He holds a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation from EY and a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) from Queen’s University.