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Livingston’s shipment tracking system allows you to locate and check the release status for your U.S. and Canada bound shipments.

For U.S. bound shipments:

PAPS Tracker
Carrier coversheet

For Canada bound shipments:

PARS Tracker
Carrier coversheet


Saturday, June 17th Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) will be moving to a new facility at their Landsdowne, Ontario location.  This may cause disruption of service at this location.  Also, due to construction at some access points at this crossing, traffic movement may also be slow.

Shipping to Canada?
The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) is making changes to its eManifest process.

Effective March 4th, CBSA will no longer relay a decision regarding your PARS without having received your Advance Commercial Information (ACI) cargo data.

To avoid unnecessary delays, be proactive in your ACI cargo submission.

This means that your declaration will not be accepted until CBSA has received both your Release Request and ACI cargo.

If you’re interested in learning about our carrier services or to become a Livingston preferred carrier, please view our business process services or contact us to learn more.

Track your shipments on the go!

Mobile APP

Introducing the Livingston Tracker App

The Livingston Shipment Tracker App lets you quickly and easily check the clearance status of your shipments through the U.S. and Canadian borders on the go, keeping you informed of your shipment’s status no matter where you are!

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The Livingston Shipment Tracker App is available now. Click here to learn more about the app, or use the buttons below to download it on your platform of choice: