U.S. customs brokerage

US customs brokerage and customs broker servicesSeven days per week, 24 hours per day, our clients know that their import shipments into the U.S. – regardless of the port of entry, carrier, or freight forwarder – are being cleared and managed efficiently and professionally, wherever, whenever and however they arrive.

Our specialized knowledge, backed by hands-on commitment to meet all of your U.S. customs brokerage needs, makes for more efficient shipping, uncovers opportunities to reduce duties, and puts in place best practices to avoid penalties and reduce your compliance risk.

Our U.S. customs brokerage service

As a leading U.S. customs broker, we clear thousands of shipments into the country every day. In fact, we clear air, ocean and border shipments all across North America. With our extensive coast-to-coast network of offices (from Blaine, Washington through to Calais, Maine), you can always depend on us to ensure fast, efficient clearance of your shipments wherever they arrive, whenever they arrive.

Regardless of the port of entry, carrier or forwarder, all of your company’s imports will be handled by a single, dedicated client service team.  Your team will be comprised of six to eight people who will know you and your business, and they’ll be located at one of our 24/7/365 client service centers: Buffalo, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles or New York.

Backed by over 600 customs experts and our extensive technology, our core customs clearance services include:

  • Streaming updates on customs updates impacting your business.
  • Access to Livingston’s experts: U.S. Regulatory Affairs and the FDA Compliance Team.
  • Consistent and compliance release and entry of your goods with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).
  • Determination of duties and taxes owed and facilitation of your payments to the U.S. government.
  • Access to monthly free webinars on topics ranging from the basics of importing to the intricacies of proper valuation.
  • Liaising with other government departments on your behalf (FDA, FCC, DOT, USDA, LACEY Act, ect.)
  • Filing of duty drawback and processing of claims.
  • Management and filing of reconciliation entries.
  • Collection and maintenance of your product database and any FTA/NAFTA benefits.
  • Integrated service offering for imports from Mexico.
  • Maquiladora and IMMEX industry expertise.
  • Complete EDI and electronic integrations available for billing and invoice creation.
  • Convenient e-manifest filing services.
  • FAST/NCAP expedited border release.

For more in-depth information on Insight® (our leading-edge web-based management tool), our comprehensive 10+2 Importer Security Filing services or our importer self-assessment services, please visit the following pages: